TV Recap: The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Episode 4

dr blake ep4

dr blake ep4

I made a very odd discovery in this week’s episode of The Doctor Blake MysteriesWay back in 1959 the ABC news music is exactly the same as it is today.  Fascinating.

There was also much debate with my father of the existence of foil in 1959.  He claims that Lucien’s sandwiches in episode 2 couldn’t have been covered in foil because in 1959 (when he was 8) baking paper was used for covering or wrapping, not foil, as it had not yet been invented for food covering.  After googling this and proving him wrong he insists the show is incorrect.  Can somebody please send me a link to get the old man off my back?

Anyway, last night’s episode showed us Lucien’s (Craig McLachlan) wondrous skills in crime scene reconstruction as well as his determination to help an innocent man before he is hanged.  I had completely forgotten we used to be a nation of capital punishers.  Our Lucien, of course, holds the lefty view (no surprise given his understanding and love of the ‘homosexuals’ in last week’s episode’) that when the state kills people it’s wrong. The more left our Lucien gets the sexier he becomes.  Soon he will be saving the wales. Dreamboat sigh.  TPOC (The Power of Craig) returns to the ABC at long last.dr blake mysteries

Now, we also know that Danny (Rick Donald) is housekeeper Jean’s (Nadine Gardner) nephew but we are still at a loss to understand where cutsie nurse Mattie (Cate Wolfe) fits in. Naturally, policeman Bill Hobart (David Whiteley) was doing something dodgy, ever since he was Uncle Rafe in Conspiracy 365, I will just always see him as a bad egg.  Sorry David. Your darting eyes and sour demeanor are not helping (for future reference).

Gladly, Lucien saved the day and instead of the state killing a daddy of a young baby they decided to kill a man with three children instead, just a bit later on, so his kids could be more shattered.  A win all round. Most interesting, of course, was Lucien’s hot date with a journalist.  We were all hoping for a bit of ‘shirt ripping’ action (well, she did seem a bit naughty) but alas, she was leaving Ballarat to make it in Melbourne as a big journo star.  Ho hum.  There could have been lots of action there.  I don’t know why they introduced her, made her a potential love interest and then, in the same episode, got rid of her.

The weep counter remains steady at 50%. We are almost halfway through this series, let’s hope it heats up and that’s there’s no more scenes with sandwiches.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries airs on Fridays at 8:30pm on ABC1. Read more episode reviews of this series.

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