TV Recap: The Gods of Wheat Street, S01E3

gods ep3

gods ep3Things are happening very quickly in Casino with the Freeburn family. The Gods of Wheat Street is really taking off in the drama department!

Episode three saw Odin (Kelton Pell) not only go to prison for the weekend for a provoked attack on the dastardly super villain Jonesy Brown (Frederick Copperwaite) but also saw him get out just in the nick of time to run to the bank, pick up a cheque and win the auction to buy his house and business.

Meanwhile things with Tristan (Mark Coles Smith) and Anastasia (Millie Samuels) heat up, as the two go on a secret date but with she returns home to find her mother, Petra (Mouche Phillips), has been beaten by her mongrel father because of the date with Tristan, Anastasia ends it with him to protect her mother from future outbursts.

Libby (Lisa Flanagan) is having a sleep over at Odin’s after a little help from Eden (Ursula Yovich) to try and get these two together. Now that we know that the both of them ‘like like’ each other it’s a matter of time before they make it official. Odin almost made his move tonight but his wedding ring held him back once again. Take it off and sleep with Libby! You guys are a hot couple!

Athena (Miah Madden) is also seeing Eden, her grandmother, and has a bit of a sixth sense about the future. She is the shy one of the two sisters and has predicted there will be a baby on the way. Hopefully it will be Libby and Odin and not the ever aggressive and obviously upset Electra (Rarriwuy Hick) who may find herself in a lot of trouble if she doesn’t drop her attitude.

Much appreciated was the cameo from Damian Garvey as the auctioneer, it was lovely to see him as friendly rather than the fiendish Cal McGregor from his Rake past.

The seed of doubt has also been sewn to family by Jonesy Brown, that Odin has stolen money from him. I’m really going to love watching this guy get what coming to him. Bad egg.

There’s love, there’s family, there’s prison and there’s so much more in the wonderful Wheat Street.

Keep watching!

The Gods of Wheat Street airs on ABC1 at 8:30pm on Saturday nights

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